BuzzFeed: 9 Amazingly Moisturizing Products For When Your Skin Is Feeling Super Thirsty

12 Aug


Dry skin is a pain! If you’re prone to dryness and regular products just don’t cut it, try these. In one of my recent posts for BuzzFeed, I did a roundup of nine products that promote hydration across all areas–face, lips, body and even your stinky wittle footsies!
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BuzzFeed: 21 Beauty Icons Who Aren’t Marilyn Monroe

10 Aug

beauty icons


image: Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

Hey Beauties!

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BuzzFeed: This Modeling Agency Is Challenging The Industry’s Race And Body Image Issues

3 Aug


Once you’ve seen one fashion magazine, you’ve basically seen them all: tall, thin white girls wearing European designers. Lorde, Inc, a new modeling agency that specifically seeks out models of color of all shapes and sizes, is here to shake things up, though.

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BuzzFeed: 29 Photos That Will Make You Want To Make Babies

30 Jul

natural 1

Hey guys!

So after spending a week with my bite-sized terrors, also known as nieces and nephews, I thought I was completely over kids. But then this happened!

Check out the little natural cutie up top, plus more photos of some of the most adorable tiny humans ev-er!
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Ciara’s ‘Dance Like We’re Making Love’ Video Will Literally Make You Want To Get Naked And Dance In The Mirror

19 Jul

ciara dance video

Hey lovies!

So I just watched Ciara’s video for her single “Dance Like We’re Making Love,” and I haven’t been this excited about a music video in a long time! She starts off lying in a pool wearing this red lip that makes me want to have a bonfire for every one of my lipsticks in another color. GOR. GEOUS!
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BuzzFeed: “Baking” Your Face Is The New Way To Get Perfect Skin

17 Jul



“Baking” is a sorta new makeup application technique that gives the appearance of a creaseless, poreless finish. It’s actually been around in the drag community for years, but lately it’s been getting heavy buzz from beauty enthusiasts.
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BuzzFeed: 21 Ways Brown Beauties Can Work The Hell Outta Bright Makeup

15 Jul


Bright and bold colored makeup is so much fun! On brown girls, it really pops and looks amazing against our array of rich hues.
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