How To Be Pretty: Step 1

29 Oct

Happy Tuesday, Beautiful!pretty inside

If you follow me on social media, you may have already seen the above Facebook status that I later posted on Instagram. My intention  wasn’t to boast of a good deed, and I certainly didn’t expect over 200 FB friends to like it, but I really just wanted to share an experience in hopes that it warmed someone else’s heart as much as it did mine. Shortly after, I called my gal pal hoping she could cure my slight case of writer’s block. She too had read about my recent experience with my homeless stranger friend and suggested that I write about the importance of giving back. That really oiled my gears and got them rotating again, and I decided to write about how good-heartedness is the first step to being pretty! Turns out that those golden rules like “Beauty comes from the inside” that our 2nd grade teacher once told us were actually true and not just corny hoopla. Doing good changes everything. We feel happier inside and our personal burdens feel a little lighter. We’re not as tense and stressed, and all those little factors show up in a big way on our physical.

When I would get in my ruts and moments of gloom, my mom would always tell me to do something for someone else. She said despair was selfish because it was all about you and your self-pity: what you don’t have, what you didn’t achieve, what struggles you went through. Actively helping others, though, forces you to exit your pity party and convert that sadness into productivity to build up another. In the process, you start feeling better and you too are built up without even realizing it. Instead of teary eyes, pursed lips and tense expressions, you’re smiling and laughing. It doesn’t take a revered psychologist to know that smiles and laughs are way prettier than frowns and dead eyes.

Think of it like this. When we eat a whole bunch of junk, it shows up in our physical. Too much chocolate, sodas and French fries floating around in our system may lead to pimples, dark circles and an added neck roll. On the other hand, water, green vegetables and lean meats often result in clear, radiant skin, shiny hair and bright and alert eyes. In a similar sense, when we let our insides harbor sadness and meanness, those emotions have a way of not only showing up in our behaviors but also in our physical image. When you’re bitter, you look bitter. When you’re genuinely happy, though, you look it. Sometimes you may have to fake it until you make it. You may really be in a bad space, but force yourself to get up, leave the house and do a few random acts of kindness. Pay for a fellow customer’s sandwich while you’re on lunch, spare a few dollars to the less fortunate man sitting across from you on the train, simply pay someone a compliment by telling them how nice they look. I promise that you’ll feel better and those ugly muscles (my term for bitter tension in the face) will be a lot looser if not completely gone. Beauty is something that has to be cultivated from within, and you’ll be happy to know that the first step in cultivating it is simply doing good, with pure intentions of course!

Spread love and smile!

Spread love and smile!

Love you much! Do good!

Essence aka Essy


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