Bey Better: 7 Lessons We Can Learn From The Queen!

11 Nov

bey fabulous

BEYONCE! An inspiration indeed, the stunning and genius talent has been slaying the scene since the 90s in girl super group, Destiny’s Child. We’ve literally watched her evolve into a woman and throughout the iconic fame, she’s managed to maintain her polished image. There are other amazing celebs that we love, but very few who’ve reached her level of global success and handled it all so gracefully. She’s definitely entertaining, but more than that she’s inspiring and there are endless lessons we can learn from her life. I could never list them all, so here are 7–in no particular order. Bey better and take notes!

1. Never, Never, Ever, Ever Respond to Pettiness: In the days of subliminal diss Tweets and media scrutiny, our wealthiest and most iconic celebs often get their bloomers in a bunch over a shot aimed and fired their way. Before you know it, they’re falling into the trap of shade throwing and firing back with shots that are permanently engraved in the cybersphere. Worst case scenario, they respond out of emotion in an interview with TMZ and they can’t even blame the distasteful response on a “hacked” Twitter or Instagram account. Consequently, they find themselves facing lawsuits, lost endorsement deals and other rich people problems. One diva, however, wouldn’t dare get caught in such madness. Why? Because she never responds to pettiness. Beyoncé is arguably the most hated on celebrity alive, but despite the jabs, she never swings back–not directly anyway. She simply lets her work speak for itself and continues to live life fably. At one of the most joyous and vulnerable times in her life, people accused her of faking a pregnancy for crying out loud. Her response? Not a word. Aside from her beastly pipes and deadly rump shaking, this is one of the main reasons I’ve always been such a fan of Bey. She’s confident and secure enough (and classy enough)  to not answer to anybody’s foolishness. Definitely a note worth jotting down!

1. Never respond to pettiness.

1. Never respond to pettiness.

2. Work Your Booty(licious) Off: The hardest working woman in show business, Queen Bey stays focused. She always delivers above and beyond what’s expected (Super Bowl 2013), and she still practices even though she doesn’t really have any competition other than herself. Her shows are beyond performances and more like outer body experiences. I went to the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour at Barclays and I can’t recall a time I’ve been more mesmerized. I’ve been a Bey fan since Destiny’s Child, so to see and hear her growth from then to now was beyond inspiring. I’ve always admired her work ethic but that particular night made me appreciate it even more. Now, every time I’m tired or lazy when there’s still work to do, I ask myself, “Would Giselle (her middle name) be sleep right now?” And then I answer myself, “Nope! Snap out of it and get it together”–which is why it’s currently 5:11 am and I’m writing this blog post.

2. Work Your Booty(licious) Off!

2. Work Your Booty(licious) Off!

 3. Keep Some Matters to Yourself: For some reason, we live in a day where people feel a need to share everythiiiiing on the world wide web! Everything from unrequested breakdowns of why they broke up with their boo to selfies of them barely dressed–if at all. And this excessive sharing is an epidemic afflicting the most Plain Janes to the most famous superstars, with the exception of Beyoncé. Beyoncé knows how to keep personal matters personal. She’s very private and while we’d all like to get a deeper glimpse into her personal happenings for our own nosey motives, you have to respect the fact that she’s not exploiting her family and lifestyle for attention. Lesson learned is that you don’t have to share every thing. Some things are better kept a mystery. It makes you more intriguing and respected.

3. Keep Some Matters to Yourself.

3. Keep Some Matters to Yourself.

4. Meet Your Match: I touched on not settling in a prior post, and Beyoncé definitely leads by example in this regard. I can’t even begin to imagine how many hopefuls tried to pursue the “Irreplaceable” songstress, but we never heard of or saw any sparks between her and other beaus prior to husband Jay-Z. The one ex that we do know of, due to his recent and random interview, was a childhood sweetheart. Had she wanted, she could have dated and gotten involved with just about any man on the planet–but she waited. Instead of playing the field and ultimately wasting her time on relationships with no real potential, she waited for the right one. And just like a fairytale, the mainstream queen scooped her up a hip-hop/mega mogul king and lived happily ever after! Moral of the story: be patient, never settle and wait on your match!

4. Meet Your Match

4. Meet Your Match

5. Don’t Lose Perspective on What Matters Most: In all her fame and endless wealth, she seems to have a good grip on life’s important things: love, family, friends and meaningful experiences. As hardworking 9-to-5ers, budding entrepreneurs, students, and professionals, we can easily lose track of the things that really matter. Education and making a living are undoubtedly important, but they’re not what’s most important. If we’re always focused on the grind, but never take out time to appreciate love, family and life itself, then we haven’t truly maximized the gift of life. If Queen Bey can take time out of her worldwide agenda to enjoy family, friends and even skydive, then surely we can too.

5. Don't Lose Perspective of What Matters Most.

5. Don’t Lose Perspective of What Matters Most.

6. Smile: I swear in just about every paparazzi shot she’s always smiling! She never looks angry and disgruntled, even when crazy cameramen and fans are chasing her down and screaming her name. A big and bright smile is your best accessory. When you smile, you look more approachable and attractive. Tear a page from the book of Bey and show off those chompers!

6. Smile

6. Smile

7. Bey Humble: In my work I’ve been fortunate enough to chat with and interview some amazing celebrities. I can honestly say that most of them have been extremely nice and genuine. It always puzzles me though when I encounter one who’s a little too cool for school. I can’t help but compare them to the greats like MJ and Beyoncé and wonder how someone with not nearly their feats can be so full of themselves. Here you have a woman who’s literally the biggest living sensation with 16 Grammys decorating her shelves, and she’s one of the sweetest and humble celebs. I haven’t had the pleasure of chatting with The Queen (not yet, but the day is coming), but never have I seen her disrespect or mistreat anyone in an interview. And never have I even heard anything negative about her, and you know word travels fast in this biz! Whether poor or rich or somewhere in between, be humble; don’t think more of yourself than you should; and treat everyone with love.

7. Bey Humble

7. Bey Humble

*all photos are from The Queen’s Royal Tumblr.


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  1. sudom121 November 12, 2013 at 2:19 am #

    Another great post!

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    I love this!~



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