The Perfect Late Gift: A Little Tender, Love & (skin)Care with SMB Essentials!

26 Dec


While holly and jolly, the Holiday season can still be very hectic and tiring. As you’re racing from store to store and making travel plans, someone’s bound to get skipped on your gift list. Worry not though. Skin Mind Body Essential’s Lotus Moon Body and SON Trio Gift Sets make the perfect late gift for the gals and guys in your life! Pick from a variety of four, all marked at an affordable price. Even if you’re a little late, your loved one will be more than forgiving once they take delight in these skin savers!

TRIO_LM_body Lotus Moon Body Set: Inspired by Lotus Moon best-sellers, this body care gift set includes: Pure Clean 2.2 oz (travel size), a “spicy citrus” sulfate-free olive oil and argan based body wash is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types. It removes dirt and debris while maintaining skin’s defenses against irritants. Pure Refine 2.2 oz (travel size) – A multi-tasking, skin renewing treatment that exfoliates, conditions, purifies and smoothes to reveal satiny-soft skin. Using glycolic acid and bamboo stem powders. Pure Bliss 2.2 oz (travel size) – This easily-absorbed body lotion offers pure hydration for soft, satin-smooth skin.
TRIO_LM_faceLotus Moon Face Set: Inspired by Lotus Moon best-sellers, this beauty gift set includes: Amaranth Gentle Cleanse, a gentle foaming cleanser 2.2 oz (travel size). This sulfate-free foaming cleansing gel is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types. It removes dirt and debris while maintaining skin’s defenses against irritants. NEW!! Cardamom and Bamboo Polishing Crème Exfoliant 2.2 oz (full size) – Cardamom oil and Bamboo stem powder play an essential role in detoxifying pores by gently exfoliating and removing dead skin cells. Working to remove all skin impurities, Cardamom & Bamboo Polishing Crème gently massages away dull skin and softens while deeply hydrating to increase dermal elasticity. NEW!! Sugar Cane Fruit Mask 2.2 oz – An effective fruit acid mask using a powerful combination of fruit extracts that work simultaneously to regenerate the cell matrix of the skin.

TSON TRIO SEThe SON Shaving Trio Gift Set: This shaving gift set includes: SCRUB 2.2 oz (retail size)  – Preparing the skin for shaving is perhaps the most important thing for a closer shave. SCRUB is a must-have when shaving. SHAVE 2.2 oz (travel size) – With the protective slip & slide characteristic of creme, you will have the cleanest and smoothest shave imaginable. Shea Butter and natural alpha hydroxy acids help fight razor burns and ingrown hairs. SOOTHE 2.2 oz (retail size) – This effective post-shave gel helps smooth the skin’s surface and accelerate the emergence of healthier skin cells as it works to normalize cellular turnover, as well as help improve regeneration and repair. Salicylic acid helps to reduce the appearance of razor bumps, ingrown hairs, skin redness from hair removal and/or shaving.

SON TRIO SET CThe SON Body Care Trio Gift Set: This Body Care gift set for men includes: CLEAN 2.2 oz (travel size)  – It removes dirt and debris while maintaining skin’s defenses against irritants. CONTROL 2.2 oz (travel size) – This fast absorbing unscented body lotion for men is fortified with powerful ingredients like super conditioning Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil and Aloe Vera to provide intense moisture and defense against dryness to keep skin looking healthy and strong. Apply all over body and go! COMFORT 2.2 oz (retail size) – Foot balm for dry, cracked feet. COMFORT intensively moisturizes dry cracked feet and provides soothing relief after a long day. Essential oils were specifically selected for their healing properties.


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