Cigarette & Brandy? Yes, please!

2 Jan


Happy New Year, babes!

So in case y’all couldn’t gather here, I’m Brandy obsessed. Not the drink, either (never had it but sounds too strong). The singer!
Another sleepless night, I found my way on and was over-frikin’-joyed when I read Miss R&B had released another one!

“Cigarette” is prayerfully an indication that Moesha is cooking up another album for the 2014! In rasp runs and the purest tone only she can deliver, Brandy sings:
It’s so obvious/wasn’t good enough/Deep down I could feel what’s real/It wasn’t love but lust/Now I’m back to dust/thoughts of self-destruct/Crying like a dove/Miss you as f***ed up as it was.
Never say what you won’t do/’cause in love you become a fool (can’t deny I’m blinded by a devil in disguise)/So I’m
Takin’ shots to the head, head/and after that, that, that/you can catch me smokin on a cigarette, rette/’cause you left, left, left…

Take a listen below and let me know your thoughts (but only if you love it as much as I do. If not, I’m not interested because clearly you’re looney!).


One Response to “Cigarette & Brandy? Yes, please!”

  1. Tuttie Ross January 6, 2014 at 10:09 am #

    I love the words of this song! My ONLY thing is I would have preferred certain parts to be where she went IN…like when she says “that, that, that” and “cigarette…ect.” I would have preferred it to be stretched out in that pretty voice of hers instead of real quick in that catchy kinda way…don’t kill me. lol. I do like the song though. Keep it up Bran!


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