The BeautiFILES: Wonder Curly Scarlett Rocourt Talks Her Brand, Dating + Her Flawless Skin Secrets!

27 Jan
Scarlett Rocourt, the Beauty behind Wonder Curl!

Scarlett Rocourt, the Beauty behind Wonder Curl!

Hey Beauties!

Happy Monday! Have a good weekend? Hope so. If not, may today be better, but most importantly, may your perspective see the light despite your circumstance 🙂 Moving on…

Fortunately my line of work allows me to cross paths with lots of amazing women, and Scarlett Rocourt is one of the many. She’s a feminist, a naturalista, a beauty and an entrepreneur! What’s not to love? Scarlett started her own natural hair care line, Wonder Curl, because she “wanted to make curly hair more simple and streamlined.” “Curly hair is my passion and empowering woman to embrace their natural hair by making the process easier has become my mission,” says Scarlett.

While some natural hair products claim to work on a variety of textures, all of my naturalistas know that isn’t always the case. Wonder Curl actually does cater to a variety of curlies, though. I tried the line and all the products worked together to make my kinky curls soft, defined and moisturized. My personal fave is the Butter than Love Hair Whipped.

I reached out to Scarlett and asked if I could feature her on my blog. Like a gem she said yes, so check out our chat on everything from business and dating to her perfect skin (her skin literally glows)!

What’s “the essence of” Wonder Curl?  Wonder Curl is all about inspiring curlies to love their natural hair. The products are created to enhance and bring out the best in your curl pattern, as well as nurture your locks to achieve length.

Which celebrity’s curls would you love to wonder with Wonder Curl? All of them! I love Teyonah Parris’ gorgeous natural hair! It’s so big and thick; it reminds me of my hair. And of course, all of our best friend in our heads, Tracee Ellis Ross. I hold conversations with her. I’d love to get my products in her amazing mane.

L: Teyonah Parris, R: Tracee Ellis Ross. photo cred: @TeyonahParris & @TraceeEllisRoss on Twitter

L: Teyonah Parris, R: Tracee Ellis Ross. photo cred: @TeyonahParris & @TraceeEllisRoss on Twitter

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned thus far as an entrepreneur? I’ve learned that I am my brand. In the age of social media and everything going viral, it’s important to build a brand that represents me that is also all inclusive of curls of all types. This means everything that I put out there into the internet will come back to me, so I make sure that what I post is what I mean.

If Wonder Woman was assigned a secret mission last minute and only had time to use one Wonder Curl product, which one would you suggest and how would you suggest she style her hair? LOL! It depends on the mission. If she’s looking to seduce secrets, she should use the Butter than Love Pudding and wear her hair in a wash-n-go style. If she has to diffuse a bomb, the Polishing Pomade is great to keep her hair soft while maintaining her edges from getting in the way; a bun would be the style.

See the entire collection on!

See the entire collection on!

In your dating experience, do you find most men admire or shame your independence? The men who I am attracted to are the ones who admire my independence. I haven’t come across anyone who tried to shame me, but then again, I hardly date and I shut down nonsense right away.

Your skin is just as gorgeous as your curls! Would you ever consider a skin care line or do you just want to stick to hair products? Thank you! If I were to create a skin care line, I’d call it ‘Eat Your Veggies.’ LOL! Some women can eat whatever, use soap & water and still manage to have porcelain skin. I’m not that woman. When I eat lots of vegetables and drink plenty of water, my skin is radiant. If I eat too much dairy or bad foods, my skin will reflect that and I tend to break out easily.

Where do you want your brand to be in 7 years? The plan is to continue to grow the brand and put it into as many curlies’ hands as possible. The feedback from people who use the products lets me know that I am onto something good and need to keep moving forward.

Learn more about Wonder Curl and get your products @! Stay connected via social media: @WonderCurl on Twitter and Instagram and Wonder Curl on Facebook.


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