Win-Win! Afrika Fifty6’s Fresh Fash + Philanthropy

12 Feb


Afrika Fifty6 is a one-of-a-kind brand co-founded in LA by Sam Desalu and Cedric Idudu. It was started to aid “the less fortunate in Africa by using fashion, art and music to promote awareness and raise funds.” While we celebrate Black History Month, the brand will be pushing Project Tanzania as Sam and Cedric travel to Dar El Saleem and help restore two orphanages. A win-win situation, Afrika Fifty6 affords you the opportunity to shop and give back at the same time!

Afrika Fifty6 partnered with Brooklyn-native artist Ron Bass. Bass’ works have stolen the admiration of Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Swizz Beatz, Rita Ora, Cara D and others. The brilliant creative is inspired by all things emitting love and hopes to “leave a mark on art and fashion culture by showcasing love for thyself and others while creating pieces that will inspire the masses.”

From the collaboration are these super dope hand-painted “WE ARE” snapbacks that I absolutely love, love, love! Each hat features hand-painted custom abstract art on the brim with African printed fabric on the front, making each one a unique and unduplicated piece. I can so see them with box braids and a jumbo pair of bamboo or doorknocker earrings!

We Are Black

We Are Green

We Are Red

More pieces from Afrika Fifty6 include a collection of print tees and beaded bracelets. Take a looksee here.1a 2a 3 4 Olu Bracelet 1 Olu Bracelet 2 Olu Bracelet 3 Olu Bracelet 5 Olu Bracelet 7

Learn more about Afrika Fifty6 on the website, shop and get involved!


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