Ahava’s Healing Water + Sugar Scrub for Natural Hair Care

24 Feb
Ahava Felicidad

Ahava Felicidad

Hey there, Girls!

I’m a very low-maintenance beauty. I don’t invest a lot in styling tools or spend a bunch of time doing my own hair, but I do go the extra mile to insure my hair is healthy. I really love it when that mile is made a little shorter because someone else is even more passionate than I am and does all the ground work. I recently paid Ahava Felicidad a visit at her hair studio in Montclair, NJ where she invited me to hear about all the natural goodness she does! She’s a natural stylist who implements holistic health into her styling and hair care practices, and she even cooks up her own products that address common hair care concerns.

Two of her most popular products are the Dr. Brown’s Healing Water and The Original Coconut Lemon Cake Scalp and Hair Sugar Scrub. No typical H2O, Dr. Brown’s Healing Water is infused with Reishi mushroom, known as the mushroom of mortality in ancient eastern medicine. The water is great because it addresses multiple concerns in addition to hair care. Mixing 2 to 3 capfuls in your 8 ounce drinking water two times a day potentially energizes your body by hydrating cells and organs, removing waste and toxins and boosting nutrition absorption. Get more deets here!

The Original Coconut Lemon Cake Scalp and Hair Sugar Scrub exfoliates those dead skin cells to help alleviate dryness and maximize moisture. Not only is it great for reviving the scalp, but it smells yummy too, just as the name suggests. What makes this product so effective is the ingredients: coconut oil, sunflower oil, lemon essential oil and lemongrass oil. Ahava’s selection of natural ingredients and mixology work together to cleanse, uplift, implement Vitamin E, abosorb sun rays and more. Check out more info and how to order here!

Ahava has several other products here via ecrater as well and a blog, Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body.


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