The BeautiFILES: Corporate Beauties Natara and Cynthia Talk Their Jewelry Line, Purple Aura Jewels!

24 Feb
The beauties behind the brand, Cynthia (left) and Natara (right)!

The beauties behind the brand, Cynthia (left) and Natara (right)!

Happy Monday, Pretty Girls!

So I love me a good piece of jewelry, particularly bracelets and especially earrings! My love for earrings goes far beyond avoiding that whole naked without them feeling like most women. I’m genuinely obsessed with everything about them. The way they take you from a simple “so-so” to “work it, honey!” status within seconds marvels me. And get you a nice statement pair, and you won’t even need anything else!

That’s exactly why I fell madly in love with Purple Aura Jewels. Purple Aura is a line of unique jewelry that is truly like nothing I’ve seen before. It’s over and above your typical hoop and staple stud, and is literally like luxury art for your ears, neck and wrist. I was even more in love with the line when I learned the makers were two women, Natara and Cynthia, of the corporate world who combined their business savvy and love for fine jewelry to create this one of a kind brand full of luxe stones, gems and metals. I’ve worked with these ladies for a while now and had to get them on the blog! So, without further ado, check out my latest BeautiFILES feature with Natara Williams and Cynthia Whiting of Purple Aura Jewels!

Purple Aura Jewels "Ethereal" necklace

Purple Aura Jewels “Ethereal” necklace

Entrepreneurship isn’t always easy. What has been your biggest fear and how do you manage it? We’ve tried not to be fearful in any way and to let our brand grow organically. Along the way we’ve tried several things that have not worked out so well and we’ve had our share of mini failures, but that’s part of the process. We always encourage each other along the way too. Time management is probably the hardest thing since we both still work in corporate America. However, we just try to stay focused and cover for each other when one of us may be busier than the other.

Purple Aura Jewels "Carina" earrings

Purple Aura Jewels “Carina” earrings

It is so inspiring to see two women collaborate and create this amazing brand, which also donates 10% of web sales to charity! Fill in the blank. Womanhood to us is_____ UNITY AND EMPOWERMENT!

Purple Aura Jewels "Gold Dynasty" bracelet

Purple Aura Jewels “Gold Dynasty” bracelet

What makes Purple Aura different from other jewelry brands? We think our designs are quite unique and the way we mix the gemstones and metals in our designs is distinct from other brands. We don’t follow trends, and instead our pieces have an edgy sophistication that allows them to be styled in so many ways. Our jewelry accentuates any look or style, whether it’s preppy, minimal, rocker chic or sporty. One thing we really appreciate is when our collectors tell us they can look at a piece of jewelry and know right away that it’s Purple Aura Jewels. To us that is the epitome of being authentic and having a look of our own among so many other jewelry brands.

Purple Aura Jewels "Orchid Reign" necklace

Purple Aura Jewels “Orchid Reign” necklace

Purple Aura is full of statement pieces. Even the most subtle pieces can stand alone. Why is this? Each one of our pieces has its own name and an underlying meaning. When we’re designing our jewelry we try to let each necklace, earring and bracelet have its own identity so it can stand alone or be mixed with other statement pieces. Each piece is significant to us and we hope that translates to our collectors.

Purple Aura Jewels "Paradise" earrings

Purple Aura Jewels “Paradise” earrings

If Purple Aura Jewels could collaborate with a clothing line, which one would it be and why? Alexander McQueen is such an amazing brand that we can’t ever mention a clothing brand without naming them. Working with them would be an opportunity to let our imagination run wild. Alexander Wang though would probably be a very suitable fit and we think we would have great chemistry. He has that hi-street flair and energy that we love and his miminmalistic style is such a great palette for our statement jewelry. His collections with Balenciaga have been interesting as well and has shown a different perspective of his creativity.

Purple Aura Jewels "Nautilus" bracelet

Purple Aura Jewels “Nautilus” bracelet

In one word, what is “the essence of” Purple Aura Jewels? Revolutionary.

Purple Aura Jewels "Luna" earrings

Purple Aura Jewels “Luna” earrings

Where do you hope for Purple Aura to be in 7 years? We hope to be a recognized brand that is still doing innovative designs and having the opportunity to collaborate with fashion tastemakers and interesting fashion figures. We hope to be seeing the fruits of our labor but still enjoying what we do. The sky is the limit.

Me rocking the "Luna" earrings during New York Fashion Week!

Me rocking the “Luna” earrings during New York Fashion Week!

Shop the brand and stay connected with these two beauties at!


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