Meet Sui He, H&M’s “New Icon” & 1st Asian Model to Open for Ralph Lauren Runway!

5 Mar

photoYesterday I was on H&M browsing for a basic black bikini when I saw that this stunning beauty was one of “The New Icons.” According to H&M’s blurb, Sui He is from Wenzhou, a city six hours outside of Beijing. In 2011 she made her way onto international catwalks and became the first ever Asian model to open for a Ralph Lauren show. Breaking barriers seems to be Sui’s thing, as she’s also the second East Asian model to strut in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and the first Asian face for beauty brand Shiseido, which is a little ironic since Shiseido is an Asian brand. Sui has graced the cover of quite a few powerhouse glossies, including Vogue China and Haper’s Bazaar Hong Kong.

Now, I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t a little bothered by the great length of time it’s taken for mainstream fashion and beauty to allow an Asian beauty like Sui to tackle such feats, but I am glad it’s finally happened. With my fingers crossed, hopefully this means that beauty gaps will keep filling until there are no more voids and every little girl–whether she’s from Wenzhou, Kenya or Sweden–will be able to see her reflection accounted for in society’s definition of beauty. Until that day comes, hats off to Sui He for getting us a few steps closer!

Watch Sui’s “The New Icons” interview for H&M below!


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