VIDEO: Russell Simmons Talks His Divorce from Kimora Lee Simmons on “Bethenny” Talk Show!

5 Mar

photo 1

One day I hope to be married to an all-around good (and HOT) guy and have a few adorable, drooling munchkins waddling around our gorgeous home. I pray that our marriage is one built on a solid and unbreakable foundation and that Mr. Lucky Guy and I will stay together ’til we’re old, gray and toothless. Judging by God’s past consistency in answering my requests, the sensible ones at least, I’m overly confident that all of this will happen for me. I don’t even consider divorce because that’s how certain I am about my happily ever after future. But just for the sake of this blog post, if my future marriage didn’t have a fairy tale ending, I’d want my divorce to go down just like Russell and Kimora Lee Simmons’.

Uncle Rush stopped by Bethenny yesterday to talk about yoga, the prison system’s ineffective solution to drug addiction and his split from ex-wife Kimora Lee Simmons. The D-word usually triggers a nasty conversation, but Simmons had nothing but praises to sing about Kimora. Bethenny asked if he and Kimora had always been such great friends and he replied, “We’ve always been. I mean, even when we were divorcing it was like, ‘You want this?’ ‘Nah, I don’t know. You want that?’ We were good friends always.” He also attributed their two daughters’ amazing turnout to her as well. “My kids go to a school for gifted kids, and they are well behaved, and they’re awake and conscious, and she’s the reason.” Watch the short clip below of Russell talking Kimora and their girls, plus his current boo, if he’ll ever remarry and if he wants more children!


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