VIDEO: Naomi Campbell Talks Video Vixens Calling Themselves “Models,” Her Grandfather Nelson Mandela, Being Ratchet, Twerking + More on The Breakfast Club!

6 Mar
Instagram: @iamnaomicampbell

Instagram: @iamnaomicampbell

Yesterday the world’s most famed supermodel Naomi Campbell stopped by urban morning radio show The Breakfast Club Power 105.1! I had to watch the interview two times because the first time I was in so much awe. Her face was completely flawless and she sat so poised and perfect rocking a cute, curly ‘fro and her own natural glow. Like many 80s-born, 90s-raised black girls, Naomi Campbell was one of my very first images of beauty that reflected my own and actually celebrated by global fashion and popular culture. She was cocoa brown, plump lipped and absolutely flawless. Naomi was the predecessor before Tyra Banks and much later acts to follow, like Jourdan Dunn. Before, I thought of Naomi as this untouchable souvenir housed in a glass case, sitting in the Hall of Fame of womankind’s most elite. Seeing her on Power 105.1, though, made her that much more real, perhaps because it’s such a casual, anything goes kind of station. After listening a second time, I was able to pull a few quotes. You may be surprised to find out that while ever so graceful, the supermodel and The Face producer is also really sweet, down to earth and funny!

If she ever had to starve herself: “I come with a wonderful group of ladies. Linda, Cindy, Christy, Tatjana, Stephanie. We were friends, we loved each other, we loved to go to eat together. We never; that’s not part of our era. You know what I mean?”

Her ‘grandfather’ Nelson Mandela: “…I got to know him for 20 years. Never met another human being like him and never will and I miss him like the whole world misses him. You know, I’m blessed and grateful to say I can call this man Tata. And you know, I always used to pinch myself and say, ‘Is it real?’, and I’m sitting there with him holding his hand and saying, ‘Oh my God. I’m sitting here with Nelson Mandela.'”

Her thoughts on up and coming girls getting plastic surgery: “No. Listen, I have a scar. I had a scar on my upper right lip since I was three years old. When I first came to New York my agent said to me at the time ‘We’ll have to get that done’ and my mother said to me ‘No’ and I’ve never had it done, and makeup will cover it, and that’s the way it is. I think if you want to do plastic surgery for yourself personally, that’s up to you and do whatever makes you feel good. But to do it for a job? No.”

If she has a little ratchet in her: “Yea, I think I have some gangster in me! Absolutely!”

Her feelings about video vixens calling themselves models: “Listen, everybody has to have a job, right? And that’s a job… I don’t want to criticize what people’s jobs are. When they call themselves models, I will say this: The word supermodel is used loosely these days and so then I question myself and say, well, what am I? I’m just a working model with a show called The Face and executive producer.”

If she twerks around the house: “I don’t know how to twerk!”

Throwing phones at people: “I’ve controlled that, but what makes me very disappointed in people is betrayal and hurt. When you give everything you’ve got to give, you’re honest, you work your ass off, and then they betray you… For me, the thing that I’ve learned more than anything in the past three years or so is silence. Don’t react.”

I really wanted to pull every single quote because it was all so good, but here’s the full interview below! It’s a must-see. She keeps it fun, cute and classy–even when Charlamagne had the nerve to ask if she’d ever had sex with Mike Tyson!



One Response to “VIDEO: Naomi Campbell Talks Video Vixens Calling Themselves “Models,” Her Grandfather Nelson Mandela, Being Ratchet, Twerking + More on The Breakfast Club!”

  1. sudom121 March 6, 2014 at 9:44 am #

    OMG this interview really made me love her!!! omg i want to meet her!!! She just seems so down to earth!


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