Cameron Diaz Says Connecting to Your Pee, Poop & Sweat is the Easiest Way to Stay Connected to What’s Going on In Your Body.

18 Mar

This has nothing to do with this post, but I feel like she should have gotten “Best Smile” in high school:-)

Hello My Darlings!

Hope your Tuesday is going well. Y’all should know by now that I’m somewhat of a YouTube addict, and after indulging in my obsession last night I spotted this convo with Cameron Diaz (or as I call her, Cam-Cam, because we’re friends in my head) and God Mommy Oprah! I really wanted to see this interview series as Oprah sat with Cam-Cam and Sharon Stone because they talked about a lot of good topics like society’s obsession with anti-aging, womanhood, and of course, pee, poop and sweat! I missed it but I caught a few great clips, and I wanted to share this one in particular because our pee, poop and sweat really do say a lot about our health! Many of you often message me about my skincare and along with dishing my regime, I emphasize to you the correlation between these bodily functions and your skin. When your bodily functions are functioning correctly, you’ll not only be amazed at how much better you feel inside, but also how clear and radiant your skin is. Anywho, enough of my babble. Read on to see what Cam and even Dr. Oz have to say about your pee, poop and sweat! Peep the short videos too for a good but informative laugh.

“If you’re connected to those things, your pee, your poop and your sweat, that’s the easiest way and the most frequent way that you can be connected to what’s going on in your body,” said a chipper and gorgeous Cameron Diaz to Fairy Godmomma O! “Because pee, poop and sweat is the way that we get rid of toxins in our body, every time you go pee, you can look in the toilet, you can see what color your pee is, what it smells like and how often you’ve gone. And you can tell whether or not you need to drink more water or drink less coffee or whether or not your kidneys need to be flushed out. That’s important to your body.” After you take a tinkle, your pee should be clear. If it’s yellow like on the cartoons or if it has a bad odor, that means you need to up your water intake and flush all the bad stuff out. Diaz went on to say how your poop is important because it indicates your nutrition.

Dr. Oz's poop chart! Ideally, your stool should look similar to number 4.

Dr. Oz’s poop chart! Ideally, your stool should look similar to number 4.

I’d actually heard Dr. Oz on The Breakfast Club talking poop too. That interview was a little lengthy, so I found this short and hilarious (and kinda gross) clip of him on Jimmy Kimmel breaking down what the shape of your poop and sound of it hitting the water really means. Ideally our poop should take on somewhat of an “S” shape and glide out of our rectum into the toilet. “If it floats, there’s fat in it. If it sinks, there’s not much fat in it, so that’s a good way of telling what’s going on,” he explains. “You want it to be sort of half floating, like a submarine.” And in case you just assumed that poop was supposed to smell dreadful, Dr. Oz actually says, “It shouldn’t have too toxic of an odor. When it has bad odor that’s because you’ve got stuff in there you’re not supposed to be eating.”

Where sweat is concerned, it’s actually a good thing, even though it’s a little stinky and annoying, because it means that your body is doing its job of cooling down when things get heated. For example, if you’re going for a walk on a really hot day or even eating really spicy foods, your sweat glands should get to working to balance everything out. Sweating during exercise is also good because it means that you’re fit. “Generally speaking, the more fit a person, the more they sweat,” according to Examiner. When you’re fit, your body is more efficient at cooling itself and is therefore more sensitive to exertion.  Note though that when you’re exercising or if you generally sweat excessively, you should make sure that you’re drinking plenty of water so that you don’t dehydrate.

*Check out both clips below.

Clip of Cameron Diaz talking the wonders of pee, poop and sweat with Oprah!

Dr. Oz and his poop chart on Jimmy Kimmel Live!


2 Responses to “Cameron Diaz Says Connecting to Your Pee, Poop & Sweat is the Easiest Way to Stay Connected to What’s Going on In Your Body.”

  1. sudom121 March 18, 2014 at 9:29 am #

    OMG! this is sooo true for me! Living in Thailand I definitely use my poop/pee to let me know if im ok…. am i getting enough water/eating right! Great read!


  2. Christi March 18, 2014 at 11:27 am #

    This is so gross yet very informative! I def have to do better with monitoring these things.


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