The BeautiFILES: From Passion to Profit with Annette Jones, CEO of California Lace Wigs and Weaves!

19 Mar

Say hi to Annette! Isn’t she prettyyyyyyyy!!!!

Wigs and weaves! Everybody wears them these days! Unlike before when we tried to hide it, women are actually very open and honest about rocking someone else’s hair on our head. Weave and wig wearers have their own little clique within the beauty community. There are even YouTube channels dedicated to wig and weave tutorials and reviews! Part of the reason for this thrilling obsession is because of women like Annette Jones, CEO and Founder of California Lace Wigs & Weaves. California Lace Wigs & Weaves is an AMAZING line of quality 100% Remy human hair weaves and wigs tried and approved by top hairstylists and quite a few celebrities, including Jill Scott and Tamera Mowry. One of my favorite things about CLWW is the vast choices. You can get silky straight or kinky curly and every texture in between. After launching CLWW as just a part-time venture, Annette was forced to expand it to a full fledged online company in 2006 after the overwhelming demand! Perhaps part of her blessed business is because she also has a beautiful heart. Jones frequently partners with foundations to provide cranial hair prosthesis to women and children in need of hair replacements for varying medical reasons. I love Annette’s story because she’s a living example of turning your passion into profit. In route to pursuing our dreams, it’s human nature to shift gears from time to time and obsess over money instead of just dedicating all our energy into working the dream. When you learn about beauties like Annette it reminds you that as long as you stay faithful to the passion and keep space in your heart to do good for others, bigger and profitable opportunities will come in due time. So impressed and inspired by Annette, I reached out to her for a little chat. Check out what she had to say below!

Tamera Mowry rocking CLWW on "The Real" talk show!

Tamera Mowry rocking CLWW on “The Real” talk show!

When did your love affair with hair begin? I have always loved trendy hairstyles. As a young girl my grandmother would send me to the salon to get my hair shampooed and styled. I have tried everything: braids, relaxers, coloring, etc!

If a client wanted to spruce up her sexy, which CLWW piece would you recommend? First we would find out the woman’s hair aspiration. At CLWW, we have such a wide variety of textures and styles to choose from. Our 18″ BRISTOL unit is a good choice, but we’d first get to know the client’s goal look before recommending anything.

The CLWW is full of styles with various personality. Which CLWW wig is most like your personality and how so? I like to keep it simple nowadays. Normally I wear our African American straight hair texture, however, on special occasions and events I go with a virgin wavy texture for volume. 

Jill Scott wears this textured CLWW 'do while performing in Australia!

Jill Scott wears this textured CLWW ‘do while performing in Australia!

What do you think is the worst mistake women make when selecting a wig? The worst mistake is selecting a hair texture you’re not familiar with. We specialize in curly hair, all types from Afro to loose curls. Curls are flirty, fun and sexy but can be a headache if one does not have the experience or patience to maintain them. 

What’s the greatest life lesson that you’ve applied to being a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur? Treating others how I like to be treated at all times. I am grateful for my successes and accomplishments, never to be taken for granted. It is important to enjoy the process and the journey and not just the destination. CLWW is a brand I truly love!

In one word, what’s “the essence of” California Lace Wigs and Weaves? Realistic!

Model and actress Kenya serves up the glam in CLWW.

Model and actress Kenya serves up the glam in CLWW.

Where do you see CLWW in 7 years? Wow! Maybe I am dreaming, but I envision CLWW as the #1 leader in the hair industry not only for retail but wholesale too. We will be the go-to hair company for all TV makeover shows and advocators for foundations in need of hair replacement alternatives. 

With great business sense, a quality brand and such a big heart, we’re sure Annette’s 7 year goal will soon be a reality. Check out California Lace Wigs and Weaves here and get your fabulous on. Follow them on social media and check out more CLWW pics below!

Instagram: @CaliforniaLaceWigs

Twitter: @CaliforniaLace

Facebook: California Lace Wigs & Weaves

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  1. Mike March 19, 2014 at 11:45 pm #

    Great interview – go lil sis.



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