VIDEO: Momma Oprah Tells Lindsay Lohan to Not “F” Up & to Cut the Bull$h*t!

26 Mar


We all love Oprah for her gentle and nurturing wisdom, but in a heart-to-heart with Lindsay Lohan, Momma O had to put on her tough love hat. After Lindsay, who agreed to record a docuseries on OWN, was giving the production crew a hard time, Oprah made a drop by Lindsay’s spot to check in. The Queen of Talk got very real with Lindsay and told her, with both eyebrows raised and a shaking of the head, she couldn’t f**k up and she had to cut the bull$h*t… and yes, she actually said f**k and bull$h*t! I know, right? Go ahead and take a second to gasp like I did.

But just like a mommy, Oprah softened the blow by explaining, “I really feel deeply from you, and profoundly, that you just don’t have head intelligence; you have heart intelligence. Phenomenal things are going to come from you, if you don’t continue to block them.” Lindsay took it all in like a champ and didn’t once try to make excuses for her behavior. Gotta love Momma O for keeping it real! Ordinarily, I don’t think it’s a good idea for celebs of Lohan’s caliber to air their laundry so publicly, but when it was first announced that she’d be partnering with Oprah I had no worries. Unlike other network heads, Oprah really cares more about the welfare of people than she does their financial perks. From the looks of Lindsay’s OWN show so far, it really seems that she’s genuinely trying to do better and with Momma O in her corner, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before the gorgeous redhead (always been obsessed with her hair!) gets her life back together! #TEAMLINDSAY!

Catch the video to see Oprah’s real and raw moment with Lindsay.

*Check out another heart-to-heart with a warming Oprah and a tearful Lindsay.


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