Summer Time Fine: How to Make Your Legs Look Longer!

14 May

My legs say hello and Happy Wednesday!

What up, yall!?!?

We’re all born with a certain physique and while we may be able to alter some things about our bodies through exercise, other things just aren’t going to change. My bum, or lack thereof, for instance will only get so big and I’ll never have a traffic-stopping J. Lo bootay. Even though we learn to love and appreciate our physiques, there are still days we want our torso just a little bit longer or hips just a little bit curvier to give our outfits a different flair. In the summer a lot of women want long legs to give their look an extra dash of runway-sexy as they ditch winter layers and show off more skin. While some of us were born with mile-long gams (or as I call mine, chocolate twigs), others of us were born with petite ones. There’s no permanent procedure for elongating legs that I’d ever recommend, but there are few tricks you can try to make them appear longer on those days you want to get your Karlie Kloss on! Remember that this is just to expand your styling options and have a little fun. Ultimately you should love and accept whatever body you’re blessed with!

*all photos below from @fashionably_chic Instagram.

1. Go Nude: Nude pumps and sandals have a more flesh tone color so it gives the illusion of your leg and foot never ending. A colored shoe, like the one I have on above, breaks up the length by creating a very distinct line that separates where your leg stops and foot begins. Nude is a win-win because it goes with everything too, so you won’t have to worry about what shoes to wear with your print romper or neon miniskirt.

2. Keep it Short: The more leg you show, the longer they look. There’s a fine line between sexy and tacky so don’t go too short, but a pair of trouser shorts or a dainty sundress that stop mid-thigh can really give your legs some added stretch!

Keep it Short: Beyoncé shows her gams in a shimmery mini.

Keep it Short: Beyoncé shows her gams in a shimmery mini.

3. Stripe Down: Horizontal stripes are my best friend when I’m trying to enhance my barely there curves, but if you’re going for long legs take your stripes down. Vertical stripes on your cigarette pants or pencil skirt really create an elongating effect because they draw people’s eyes up and down.

4. Aim High: High waists trick the eye because you can’t really tell where the hip starts. It appears to start higher than reality, giving the false impression of longer legs. Do empire waist when shopping maxi dresses and high above-the-navel waist when shopping pants and shorts. Pair your high waist fits with heels for extra height and no one will ever know… except the other girls reading this, but they won’t tell 😉

Aim High: Celeb stylist Kara raises the bar in these high waist pants.

Aim High: Celeb stylist Kara raises the bar in these high waist pants.

5. Matchy Matchy: The monochromatic color trend comes in handy here. Sporting the same color from head to toe has the same effect as vertical stripes. Everything looks like one tall line! A tangerine top with a similar color skinny jean and nude pump is a sure way to steal the spotlight and look long.

Matchy Matchy: Zendaya does head-to-toe denim!

Matchy Matchy: Zendaya does head-to-ankle denim and pastel blue pumps!






One Response to “Summer Time Fine: How to Make Your Legs Look Longer!”

  1. Christi May 14, 2014 at 11:09 am #

    I can definitely attest to the nude pumps and high waisted skirts! They definitely add the illusion of longer legs! I will be using many of these tips this summer for sure!

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