Pure Heart. Pure Being.

27 May

IMG_9781I really felt like this makeupless bathroom selfie would be a good fit. My mom told me I looked like a flower child this day so here’s to peace and good vibes. ūüôā ‚̧

Racing thoughts, scattered words, fidgety fingers¬†and a barely functioning being. Your mind gets tired of you ignoring her loud warning signs and before you know it, she closes up shop,¬†switches off the¬†lights, and refuses to budge–leaving you powerless and incapable of anything but stillness. Raise your hand if you’ve been there?¬†Sometimes I get there by external stressors, like staying up too late or being a good sister and listening to an hour long¬†mentally-deteriorating¬†whine fest. But most often I find myself there because I’ve taken on too much inside, stressing about things that I have no control over, usually the very things I swore I was “letting go, letting God” the month prior. I visit that chaotic place more times than I should, and each time I find that only one thing relieves me: pouring out my heart and my being.

By¬†pour I don’t mean deep self-exploration and¬†journaling everything that’s bothering me or¬†evaluating my emotions and behaviors with a shrink. But pour just as you would water out of a teapot. I sit in quiet and stillness, usually on my bed because it’s comfortable, and gently close my eyes. I make a conscious decision to loosen my shoulders, my back, the muscles in my face. Wherever I feel tension, I relax. Eyes still softly shut, I then¬†silently talk to God and¬†visualize each of my words to Him surfacing¬†behind the darkness of my closed lids. I ask Him to purify my heart by pouring out every thought, feeling and intention that is not of Him.

Because I am such a visual person, I¬†imagine that all the stressors flooding my mind slowly glide to the center of my head until they form a neat, orderly¬†list. You know how on an iPad you take¬†your finger and flick between screens or to move apps? Well I then envision each stressor¬†flicking away without restraint. One by one, they’re all flicked away. Professional fears, flicked away. Hurt feelings, flicked away. Family drama, flicked away.

I know it may sound a little cray-cray¬†woosah, but it actually works. The same way you may drink a detox tea to rid your physical body of toxins, you can do the same with your heart and spiritual-emotional being. There comes a point when all the things that we take on start adding up, and with each new load the weight gets heavier and heavier. What started as an emotional burden is now a physical one as you start to feel all the stress¬†tolling your actual¬†body.¬†Ideally, we would never get to this point of anxiety, and maybe¬†with better stress-management¬†practices one day we’ll reach that permanent Russell Simmons-Deepak Chopra headspace. Until that time¬†comes though, this isn’t such a bad way to clear your heart and being¬†so that next time you loose that gorgeous smile of yours, it won’t take as long for you to find it and wear it again.

Love y’all so much ‚̧



One Response to “Pure Heart. Pure Being.”

  1. Christi May 29, 2014 at 10:23 am #

    Another good read! I like the idea of visualizing your thoughts and worries and God removing and flicking them away as you release them to Him.


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