A Few of My Favorite ‘Fros & How I Got the Look!

30 May

1098339_903701298885_1880633031_nA wash & go ‘fro before I chopped it.

Hey there pretty people!

Happy ‘Fro Friday! I wanted to do a little something on hair since a lot of you hit me up on social media with mane questions, especially when I rock my puff ball. You’ll be happy to know that I’m beyond low maintenance when it comes to hair so anything I do with my hair, you can probably do with yours too as long as the textures are similar. So here are a few different Afro styles that I’ve rocked, and with each one I’ve given you the rundown on what I did.

The top pic is a wash and go ‘fro, pre my haircut obviously. My hair is very thick and I lack patience, so wash & gos are my usual. I used Mixed Chicks shampoo and deep conditioner, and to moisturize and define my curls, I used AfroVeda PUR Whipped Hair Gelly. Personally, I feel like wash & gos always look better after a day or two when they’ve completely dried and are a little more “stretched.”


A teeny-weeny wash & go ‘fro!

So one Thursday I got bored and thought I should cut my hair. That Saturday I found myself in the salon requesting a big chop. This is a wash & go, just like above, but way smaller. I honestly don’t remember what I used on my hair, but if your hair is short, shampoo and condition with moisture rich products and after rinsing, apply a styling cream to keep it moisturized and define your curls.

Essence Gant_2

A twist-out ‘fro

This was close to three months ago. I hardly every twist or braid my hair but this particular day I was feeling it. After shampooing and conditioning, I applied Ouidad’s Curl Recovery Melt Down Extreme Hair Mask because it not only moisturizes but acts as an amazing detangler too. I let it sit for about 30 minutes, detangling with a wide tooth comb, and then I rinsed it out. (If your hair isn’t that thick and doesn’t need extensive detangling you can probably skip the mask.) After, I applied a dab of AfroVeda M3 Curl Quench to a section at a time and two strand twisted each section. Once all of my hair was twisted, I let it air dry for about two days. After the twists were completely dry, I untwisted them and fingered through the curls. Because my parts were crooked, I just wore a stylish scarf or hat the days my twists were drying.

IMG_0603A flat twist/bantu knot-out ‘fro by the amazing SheaMoisture style team!

So two weeks ago I had to do some hair modeling for SheaMoisture. After they shampooed and conditioned my hair, they blew my hair out into a full blown ‘fro. They then parted a section of hair, applied just a dab of SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curling Gel Souffle to the section, flat twisted the hair down and twisted the ends into a bantu knot. They did all of my hair like this and it stayed in for about two days. This was the result after taking out the twists and knots.

photo 2

This is a bantu knot-out Afro attempt gone wrong but right!

So I tired to recreate the SheaMoisture magic, to no avail. I still ended up liking my hair though and felt like a sexy Foxy Brown (the Pam Grier one) character! My hair is actually still like this right now. What I did was shampoo, condition and blow out into an Afro like the SheaMoisture stylists. I didn’t flat twist the hair though, but instead just bantu-knotted it all over. I used a little Alikay Naturals Moisture Rich Hair Parfait for the sections before knotting each one. I only let it sit for a day and the parfait wasn’t completely dry, which is why it didn’t come out as defined. I still ended up loving it though! Note that you can still get more definition with this method, but you have to wait for the hair to dry completely. Also, I’ve done a bantu knot-out before and have gotten good definition, but instead of blowing my natural curls out, I just knotted them while they were still wet and defined. Below is a pic.



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