The (Sassy) Secret’s Out; I Have a New Hair Crush!

2 Jun

Sassy Secret_Tate

Say hi to Tate!

The Essence Of… is all about beauty inside and out, so I was super stoked to learn of Tate Arnone, a brilliant, successful and gorgeous businesswoman who makes other woman feel and look gorgeous for a living. Tate is the Founder and CEO of one of my new favorite weave and wig lines, Sassy Secret. Get to know the Zimbabwean beauty in our convo below, and see why Sassy Secret is my new hair crush!

There are so many wig and weave lines out now. What makes Sassy Secret special and different from the rest?

In addition to providing the unmatched quality at an affordable price, is one of the only places online where you can order your hair today and get it tomorrow. Our fast ship times and exceptional customer service sets us far apart from the competition. We are all about the customer and providing them with fast and friendly service. The success of our business is highly dependent on repeat business and referrals. That is why it is important to us to always differentiate ourselves from other hair companies by offering the best quality and fast, exceptional customer service. Sassy Secret is also always at the cutting edge of innovation. We have been an industry leader in coming up with new and innovative products like our “Kamo Knot” Collection. We are always searching for new ways to make our products better and less detectable so that women feel confident when they wear our wigs.

What prompted you to start Sassy Secret?

I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Starting as young as 12 years old, I was making little handbags and selling them to friends and family. I have always had some kind of “business” going. I finally found the perfect business that combined my love for business and beauty.

Why the name Sassy Secret?

Our hair products make women look and feel sassy while the natural appearance of the hair pieces keeps it a well-kept secret!

Out of the Summer looks, which ones are your top 3 favorite?

Candy 10″ Beyoncé Bob, Sunny 22″ Two Tone Blonde and Korina 18″ Ombre

What are three keys to keeping your Sassy Secret unit for as long as possible?

  • Have at least two units that you can change from time to time to avoid putting too much wear and tear on just one unit.
  • Use natural/botanical hair care products with little to no alcohol or chemical content. Chemicals & alcohol found in most mainstream products tend to dry the hair out, which could result in shedding and tangling.
  • Because the unit does not get the natural oils from the scalp, it is important to deep condition the hair at least once a month. Apply a botanical deep conditioner/cholesterol to the hair after shampooing. Leave it in for at least 30 minutes before rinsing. This process will rejuvenate the hair as well as restore moisture.

Which celebrity takes the crown for best wig game?

Beyoncé, no doubt!

What’s been the most rewarding thing thus far as an entrepreneur? What’s one lesson you’ve learned about yourself professionally and one you’ve learned about yourself personally since becoming a businesswoman?

As a woman, I know firsthand the struggles that women sometimes go through to achieve a beautiful hairstyle. Therefore, I would say it has been very rewarding to be able to share my unique style and secrets to beautiful hair with other women. I really enjoy coming up with new hairstyles and new ways to make our products stand out. One lesson I have learned both professionally and personally is that you can’t do it all. I have learned that one must not spread themselves out too thin by trying to do too much. It is better to be the best at few things than to be mediocre at many things.

Check out all the luxurious Sassy Secret goodness here!


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