MUST-READ: “…Lessons Learned & Having Faith”

22 Jul

Good Morning, Love Bugs!

So as I was starting my day, I saw an Instagram post from Nicole Melton, former beauty editor for, promoting her new brand and blog post of the day. She’s now her own boss and the beauty behind Melton Digital. In today’s post, Nicole shares her whole story and how everything from love to career unfolded (and how she fasted for 40 days along the way!!!!!). It’s beyond inspiring and a must-read if you’re in a place of transition. It definitely gave me some insight and consolation, and I’m sure it’ll do the same for you! Check it out!

Hello loves!

I’m so happy to announce the new Melton Digital blog! 

Many of you may know me from my ESSENCE days, so you know that I really do love writing and storytelling.  Experiencing my journey in business, beauty and beyond is something I’m thrilled to share with you all!

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how I ended up as a DC-based, work-from-home beauty editor/web designer/copywriter/photographer/business coach. (Whew!)

So where do I begin?

In 2010, I was living and working in New York City and working in corporate retail as a jewelry and accessories merchandiser.  I loved working in jewelry, but deep down inside, I wanted to return to journalism which is what I studied in college. Around this same time period, blogs had become the next big thing, so I started one of my own, Glam Gigs. I became obsessed with blogging and reading about fashion, style and beauty on the web. I had no clue how I would transition into a career in digital media because the field was still new at the time… Read the full story here!


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