On Clutch: “How to Get the Perfect Afro Puff…”

11 Aug

Morning Sunshines!

After quite a few how-to questions about my hair, I thought a little write up on how I get all my thick kinky-curly ringlets into my go-to Afro puff may be a good idea. “An Ode to Little Girlhood (How to Get the Perfect Afro Puff for Naturalistas with  Thick Hair)” is by yours truly and published on Clutch, one of my fave online mags! You may still find my technique useful and less stressful to your mane even if you don’t have thick hair. Here’s the direct link, so head on over and check it out! I share all the tools you’ll need and each step in detail.

Happy Monday & ❤ YOU Always,



2 Responses to “On Clutch: “How to Get the Perfect Afro Puff…””

  1. Dan August 30, 2014 at 11:02 am #

    To style the perfect afro puff takes skills. As a kid I grew up in a family of six girls and three of us boys. I remember my mom teaching us boys to do it all and justifying her actions by saying “one day you will get married and you may have to help your wife.” After finishing college and entering into the military, “that day finally came.” I got married and my wife. My wife got a job with the federal government that required her to at times travel leaving me with the girls. I found my self having to do hair for two little girls before sending them off to school. I did not have the skills to do the perfect afro puff so I resorted to the skills taught by my mom. Mom taught us how to plait (braid) using her as our model. Perhaps if I had skills I could have varied my girls hair styles, but thanks mom for teaching me to plait. Yes, I was able to help my lovely wife. So, if you are old, old school and never got to master the afro puff you can always “plait.”



    • Essence August 30, 2014 at 11:29 am #

      LOL! Yes, I’ve heard the stories of you doing the girls’ hair. I didn’t know Grandma taught you that though! That’s such a good story.


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