Smile at You Today

24 Dec
smile at you today

Broke my face powder compact yesterday, but still pulled off a bomb red lip! #smileworthy


Merry Christmas Eve, guys!

Yesterday was somewhat of a rough start. My day before began at 6:30 a.m. and it was nonstop until about 12 midnight, so I didn’t get the best rest. I woke up in a state of confusion, so delirious that I didn’t know if I was really awake or just dreaming that I was (true story). When I finally did come to my senses, I was greeted with knotting stomach cramps and the small, pesky pains that warn you of the full-blown headache soon to come. You know those mornings when you literally have to talk aloud and remind yourself how blessed you are to see another day of opportunity, just so you don’t give into the urge of crawling back into your cozy bed? Well, that was my yesterday.

After my self-talk and morning prayer, I made my way into the bathroom to do the norm. In reaching for my facial cleanser, I knocked my face powder compact onto the floor which resulted in shattered makeup. At that point, I was totally over it and made up in my mind that it just wasn’t my day. I went on to cleanse my face, rubbing the formula in a circular motion. I let it sit for a while and leaned against the bathroom wall for a few seconds until it felt a little more soaked in. Then, I began rinsing it off and followed behind with my face rag. Upon lifting my head from the sink, the mirror awaited and showed a bare, refreshed me. In that moment, the sluggish feelings paused and whispers of how bad the day would be muted. Something, probably God and His humorous self, loosened the muscles in my face and stretched my lips until my reflection formed a smile. I just stood there, still crouched over, smiling at myself… like a crazy person.

But it was so therapeutic. Ever walk down the street or into your office and a really warm, bubbly spirit greets you with a smile so bright that it shifts your whole energy? My morning-bathroom-smile experience was a lot like that, except the warm and bubbly spirit wasn’t a stranger or co-worker; she was me. It convinced me to give my day a chance; to not give up so easily just because I was still sleepy, cramping and without face makeup. Once I consciously decided to make the day a good one, motivating myself to do what needed to be done felt like less of a burdening task.

You deserve to have a good day, even when nuisance events kick it off. You deserve to enjoy the day and not just go through the motions of the day, counting down the clock until it’s over. You deserve to smile and not be defeated. In giving your day a fair chance, you give yourself an even better chance of doing something amazing or just simply feeling happy. You don’t have to wait for something or someone else to make you more at peace; you can do that for yourself with a smile in the mirror and determined effort to make each day purposeful. So here’s to talking positivity to yourself and smiling at your reflection like a dear soul who forgot to take her meds. Give your day and yourself the chance YOU deserve. Smile at you today 🙂

Love ❤ ,


Happy Holidays and I’ll talk to you some time next week! XoXo



2 Responses to “Smile at You Today”

  1. Christi December 24, 2014 at 11:16 am #

    Simply put…Beautiful! LOL at “smiling at your reflection like a dear soul who forgot to take her meds.”

    Liked by 1 person

    • Essence December 24, 2014 at 11:18 am #

      LoL! Xoxo & thx for reading ❤


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