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5 Mar

style and stuff

Howdy, peeps!

First things first: I had on a new silver cuff in this pic that I was really excited about, but my pose compromised its visibility. Not that y’all asked, or even knew to ask, but just wanted to let y’all know anyway because I. Love. My Cuuuuff!

Now that we know that pertinent scoop, here’s the latest on my happenings. I told you guys a few posts back that I’m contributing to Black Enterprise now (hollaaaaaaa!). I cover women’s career and lifestyle content, as well as some money. Lots of bosses, style, entertainment and stuff like that.

My background was all fashion and beauty, so it’s really been fun learning and writing about the business element. Also, whereas before I would mainly interview celebs and experts on their style sense and all the surface stuff, I now get to ask them about their careers and personal journeys. So, below are a few of the links to my most recent B.E. pieces. Hope you enjoy!

Brains and Beauty: Blake Von D on Law School, Fashion & Self-Worth

Yasmine Arrington Awards ScholarCHIPS to Youth of Incarcerated Parents

Phylicia Rashad Returns to TV as Lesbian FBI Agent in ‘For Justice’

Four Ways to Make Money Blogging

Check my author page for a list of all my stories.

Also be sure to check out Black Enterprise’s new online entity, B.E. High Society! It focuses strictly on fashion entrpreneurs and the business of fashion. Super cool!


One Response to “Style and Bosses and TV and Stuff…”

  1. A.Lekay March 5, 2015 at 1:35 pm #

    Awesome Eseence! Keep of the good work and featuring established fashion icons and emerging black designers! You ROCK!

    Liked by 1 person

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