My New Hair and Skin Obsession Revealed

15 Apr



Hey Loves ❤

I have to share my latest hair and skin obsession with y’all. My scalp and skin are sensitive, so I’ve never been one for fancy and fragranced products. Sticking to the basics–mild shampoo and conditioner, exfoliator, cleanser, toner and moisturizer–have proven to work well in my case. When it comes to hair care, I shamefully admit to using whatever a company has sent me for the free-free. In reagards to skin care, I’m typically a creature of habit because I don’t want to risk a swollen, disfigured face. After reading all these reviews of a certain product, though, I decided to actually experiment with a new beauty buy.

For months my Instagram was flooded with the magical wonder of Parachute Coconut Oil. Girls were buying it in bulk as if Coconuts were being discontinued from the universe. So, like the very weak consumer I am, I caved and ordered some too.


For those who’ve never bought coconut oil, it often comes in solid form. You have to sit it out at room temp or run its container under warm water to liquefy the contents. I ran warm (NOT hot!) water over the bottle while it was still tightly closed for about a minute; just long enough to melt it. Once the oil became liquid, I shook the bottle vigorously to break up any other solid pieces and mix it really well. I’m not sure if the shaking made any difference, but it made sense in my head to do so at the time 🙂


[Fast forward through me shampooing and condition my hair.] While my hair was wet, I poured some of the oil into my hands and worked it throughout my hair. Note that I did this before putting any other creams or styling products on my hair. I also poured some into an applicator bottle and applied it in vertical lines to my scalp and massaged it throughout my hair.

Immediately, true story, my kinky ringlets were softer and shinier. There was an obvious difference in the results as compared to when I would just throw in whatever I could get my paws on.


I was a little reluctant to use the coconut oil on my skin at first, but figured since I wasn’t allergic the worse that could happen is I wouldn’t like the feel of it. After exfoliating and cleansing my face, instead of using my go-to Clinique moisturizer, I poured just a dab of coconut oil into my palm, rubbed it in and massaged it into my face. (A little goes a long way.) It didn’t feel heavy or like it was clogging my pores.

As the day went on, I noticed that my face was exceptionally soft. I’ve been at this routine for about a month now. It works so well that I now use it all over–arms, legs, everything! My skin is very soft and even looks more radiant too. I’m a skin freak so I’m literally obsessing on how amazing this stuff works. I now only use department store moisturizer when I travel and can’t take my big jug of coconut oil through airport security.


I’m not too sure of the processing details of Parachute, but the for the best results, extra virgin coconut oil that hasn’t been hydrogenated, bleached, refined or manipulated with fragrance or dyes is recommended. Some of the benefits are:

Hair: reduced protein loss; aids in re-growth process; heals damaged hair; rids severely dry scalp; prevents lice

Skin: prevents dryness and flakiness; delays wrinkles and other skin signs of aging; treats psoriasis, eczema and other skin infections/irritations

There are also other health benefits, including weight loss, that come from the mighty Coconut. Check them out here and here.


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