‘The Essy of Happy’ Challenge

22 Apr

Happy Wednesday!
I’ve noticed that my mood and energy is extremely impacted by what I mentally consume. After reading some depressing news yesterday, it made me very sluggish and tired. I’m a happy girl at heart and a lot more productive when I feel upbeat.

While it’s our human responsibility to be in the know of what’s going on throughout the world, sometimes it can be overwhelming and it casts a dark cloud on our day—maybe week, depending on how tragic it is.

I decided to detox all of the darkness and go on “The Essy of Happy” challenge. (“Essy” is what my family calls me & it sounds perky.) The only requirement of the challenge is to give and consume only positivity for a week!

No tragic news, no violent TV programming, no gossipy chatter, no complaining about anything. I can only take on things that are life-giving and promote positivity.

So that I’m not negligent to the matters of the world, I’ll say prayers for humanity’s welfare throughout each day.

Starting today, I’ll be doing “The Essy of Happy” for a week and you’re welcome to join me! You can even make it fun with your friends by turning it into a lighthearted competition. Every time a friend says something negative, it counts as $5.00. At the end of the challenge, the friend with the least negative tallies wins the cash. More friends equal more money, unless all of you are just that amazing that no one slips up.

The whole purpose of this is just to nurture our hearts and spirits, detoxing them of all the bad just like we do for our physical bodies. Hopefully it’s the start of a more positive lifestyle that continues far beyond the week!

Here’s to enjoying life and finding the happy in each day! Tag me on Instagram @TheEssenceOf_ (don’t forget the underscore) if you’re in! Hash tags: #TheEssenceOf… #TheEssyOfHappyChallenge

Love you,



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