That Time Solange Gave Us Big Bird Realness

27 Apr

SolangeHappy Monday, Beautiful Ones ❤

So Sunday morning, 12:50 A.M-ish, I had just finished watching Fresh Off the Boat and thought, what other high level of importance priorities shall I complete? That’s when it hit me: I HAVEN’T EVEN CHECKED SOLANGE’S INSTAGRAM TODAY! (By “today” I was referencing Saturday, the day before.)

In a frenzy, I typed s-a-i in the search before “saintrecords” popped up.

And then, THIS happened:

And this…

And I was like…


The “Bad Girls” singer wore the ‘fit to the opening night of The Whitney Museum of American Art, hosted by Max Mara.

There’s much to love about Solange, but my favorite thing about her is her gutsiness. Whether clapping back at an out of pocket Tweeter, or wearing a Big Bird-esque getup accented with a bubble gum pink pouch, she leads a ballsy life by example.

Here’s to Solo and her unmatched style!



One Response to “That Time Solange Gave Us Big Bird Realness”

  1. Juanita April 27, 2015 at 9:57 am #

    Yasssss, Solo, yassssss. Love this post! Solange is the truth!

    Liked by 1 person

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