Name It, Claim It, It’s Yours!

26 May

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Happy Tuesday ❤

Earlier this year, my friend and I went to a networking event for editorial professionals. While there, I met these two young ladies, “N” and “K,” who I initially thought were sisters but soon discovered that one was a college intern at and the other was her father’s girlfriend (#BlackDontCrack). We all instantly clicked and the four of us still keep in touch.

Fast forward to about a month later, “N” emailed me a message reading, “Not sure if this is something you would be interested in, but I saw it and thought of you.” At the bottom was a link to apply for a beauty editor position at BuzzFeed.

The timing was perfect, as I was looking for a new career move that made more sense for me and my personal convictions. I knew I wanted something in beauty, but was very cautious about what exactly the position would entail. One who firmly believes that beauty lives and breathes in us all, despite mainstream’s narrow depictions, it was important to me to be somewhere that shared that same truth.

When I read the job description, immediately I thought to myself, Oh, this is alllll mine! Not in a cocky way, but it just felt right. Much like the feeling you get in Sunday morning service when the reverend speaks a word that you know God hand-tailored just for you, I knew as I was reading the description that it was for Essence. The position was seeking someone who could create beauty content, specializing in black hair and multicultural beauty. This was it, all that I had been hoping for. Something that finally said, all beauty is worthy–and wasn’t just saying it to sound progressive, only to recycle images of Beyoncé and Rihanna and whoever the other go-to brown girl was for the season.

Excited, I emailed myself the link again with the subject line, “MY JOB,” and even made my dad pray over it with me on the phone. I claimed it from the very beginning because I didn’t want this process to be like the others, where I just apply and move forward with the next search. I wanted God to know that I was seriously invested in every aspect.

The day after I applied, I to visited my family in Georgia. My Godsister came over to see me, and I told her how I had sent in my resume and was hoping for an interview. She shared in my excitement and told me, “Girl, if you just get the interview, the job is yours.” I held onto her words and kept praying and claiming it as if it were already a done deal. Two more days passed, and I got an email from the manager of my department asking to schedule an interview! I was nervous because I wanted it so badly, but I found peace in knowing that God had been listening to my declarations all along and was working in my favor.

About a week later, we met for the interview. I had made up in my mind that I wasn’t going to rehearse and overwhelm my brain with what to say and do. Instead, I was just going to be myself, talk with sincerity and let God handle it since He’s super good at handling stuff. The interview went well and she asked for me to send her some writing samples by the following week.

About a week after that, she reached back out to schedule another meeting, this time with two of the directors. I grew more anxious, but just kept putting the words “It’s mine, it’s mine” out into the atmosphere. When I met with the team for the second time, my jumping nerves and bubbling gut calmed upon me entering the conference room. I just felt at peace, like I was home. Shortly after I left, I received an email stating that they would love to have me join the team if I was still interested!

I was overcome with gratitude, thankful to my new employers for seeing promise in me and to God for orchestrating everything: from my encounter with “N” to my willingness to trust Him and trust all that He placed inside of me to prepare me for this new position.

I say all this to say, if you want something, don’t just go after it, but invest your whole mind, spirit and energy into the process. Convince yourself that whatever you’re in pursuit of is already yours. In doing so, your confidence rises up to meet your efforts. You’re not only convincing yourself, but your certainty convinces those who are the determining factor. And this applies whatever your faith beliefs are, or are not. There is life and energy behind our words, so whether you’re speaking to the open universe, Jesus Christ or Brahma, what you speak has power to actualize.

Moving forward, claim with fervor and conviction every single one of your heart’s desires. And claim them out loud and consistently so that the energy behind your words is a constant force in the atmosphere. Also, stay encouraged if things don’t pan out as you hope. It simply means it wasn’t to be and something just for you is on its way. Prior to this, I pursued other opportunities to no avail. Now that I am in this current position, I can honestly say that none of those other things would have fulfilled me as much as this has. Not only am I working for the most forward-moving and insanely fun company, but I am proud of my work and the message of limitless beauty that it sews into its readers.

Be patient, and when those things that speak to the deepest parts of your soul and gut come along, go after them with everything you got, and claim them like they’re already yours!

“Name it / Claim it / It’s yours / Yours, for the asking / Yours, it’s your blessing / Whatever you need from The Lord.” -The Clark Sisters

Love you forever



5 Responses to “Name It, Claim It, It’s Yours!”

  1. Brandon Garrett May 26, 2015 at 10:10 am #

    This is a dope story! Claim it! It’s yours! Wishing you even greater success. @mr_visiontools

    Liked by 1 person

    • Essence May 26, 2015 at 11:40 am #

      Thank you for reading! Success and prosperity to you, too ❤


  2. Christi May 26, 2015 at 6:44 pm #

    All I can say is Amen!!!! Congrats again!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. tanloves June 14, 2015 at 3:27 pm #

    Congratulations, Essy! I absolutely love this. ❤ Tan

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Morgan Thomas September 26, 2015 at 8:47 pm #

    Hey I met you a little while ago at an Ed happy hour event and I just so happened to pull out your business card from my purse to see what u have been up to. I see great things. Congratulations on your new job. Much success to you, Essence.


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