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BuzzFeed: 21 Beauty Icons Who Aren’t Marilyn Monroe

10 Aug

beauty icons


image: Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

Hey Beauties!

Here’s a little inspiration to start off your week! Continue reading


BuzzFeed: Kelly Rowland Channels Four Iconic Women Through Hair And It’s Epic

10 Jun


Hey again!

Kelly Rowland took on four of the greatest beauty icons in this amazing editorial. See her #WERK each look!
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Hold On To Your Wigs bc Kelly Rowland is SNATCHIIIIINNN’, Honey! Fave Rowland IG Moments

6 Feb
So simple, so STUNNING!

So simple, so STUNNING!

In random convos discussing pop culture, I’ve often expressed to friends and colleagues the head-turning beauty of Kelly Rowland! The same way Jazmine Sullivan is an underappreciated, out of this world vocalist, Kelly Ro is an underrated beauty. I think everyone knows that she’s truly a stunner, but we don’t hear about it as often as we should. She’s gotten campaign deals with Jaguar, TW Steel, Diddy’s Empress and even co-judged on The X Factor, but I’ve always wondered where her mainstream cosmetic deal is. Continue reading

There’s “Perfection,” which is a Load of Bull Poop… And then There’s Perfection, which is You!

20 Nov
My favorite selfies are those when I first wake up with no makeup. MY perfection at its best!

My favorite selfies are those when I first wake up with no makeup. MY perfection at its best!

Hey there, you Perfect one!

I hear the words “perfect” and “imperfect” a lot in this industry, but in the back of my head I always question, “What’s ‘perfect’ and ‘imperfect’ though and who determines that?” So far, “perfect” by mainstream standards is a bit rigid and repetitious if you ask me. It’s usually no larger than a size 6; not too dark or too pale (unless it’s like a porcelain pale); straight, stark white teeth; just enough curve without being too voluptuous; and overall, it’s really safe–nothing too far from ordinary. It aligns with dominant society’s “pretty” template. I’ve been in meetings with editors discussing celebrities for different beauty stories and I’ve heard them say, “Ummm, she’d look so much better if she got a nose job.” and “I don’t know about her. Her complexion is a little too ‘intense.'” I’ve always wanted to blurt out, “But who are you and who made you the authority on beauty?” followed by other expressions unfit for the professional setting. But because I wasn’t in a position to shout obscenities without having to pay severe consequences, I had to exercise a little wisdom and creatively find other ways to stand up for beauty’s vastness. Continue reading

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