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BuzzFeed: 29 Photos That Will Make You Want To Make Babies

30 Jul

natural 1

Hey guys!

So after spending a week with my bite-sized terrors, also known as nieces and nephews, I thought I was completely over kids. But then this happened!

Check out the little natural cutie up top, plus more photos of some of the most adorable tiny humans ev-er!
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Dear World… On Behalf of Every Single Woman 25 & Up, Puh-Lease Stop Telling Us We Need to Settle Down.

28 May


“Can I live?”

About a month ago, I was visiting my fam in Georgia. I absolutely love my hometown, but the multiple reasons I packed and ditched still remain and are why I will never permanently return.  The south is such a beautiful region. Random strangers who smile at you because it’s Tuesday, lemonade that if not drunk responsibly will send you into diabetic shock, winters that only require a light jacket and stylish scarf, and churches on every corner are among the many signatures that make it so special. Over ranking all of those to me, though, is the strong sense of family; it’s literally everything. While I indeed love many of those southern ideals of family, I’ve always hated how it was painted to be a girl’s number one priority. Because of that, I never really felt like I belonged or fit in. It’s kind of crazy because I was so sociable and popular among my peers, but I still always felt really different and like I couldn’t freely talk with them about the things I wanted in life. Before you can spell your name good, you’re socialized to think that even more valuable than a career is growing up, marrying your high school or college sweet heart and having a few babies. While my girlfriends were doodling hearts and their wedding plans in 10th grade biology, I was strategizing how I was going to become a beauty icon turned businesswoman like Tyra Banks. I had my little crushes, but I didn’t date anyone seriously or exclusively and had no interest to do so. When my friends were boohooing over Timmy and how he made out with Sally at Jessica’s pool party, I listened and gave the obligatory “You’re like way too pretty for him, anyway” speech, but in my head I was genuinely confused as to why they were crying over a guy who just got the first two strands of his mustache. Continue reading

MUST-SEEs: 2 Short & Sweet Videos That are Sure to Make Your Friday Funny and Fuzzy!

14 Mar

HAPPY FRIDAY, Sweetie Pies!

I absolutely adore Ellen DeGeneres and I came across these two clips while perusing her YouTube channel. We all need to witness a little humor and sincere kindness from time to time, and what better way than adorable kids to get a little of both? This first video had me crying of laughter and the second had me crying of happiness. Hopefully they make you as fuzzy as they made me. Watch below! Continue reading

5 Must-Follow Mini Fashionistas!

4 Nov

Hey there, P.Y.T!

Gone are the days of Minnie Mouse Velcro sneakers and Tinker Bell tees. Little girls today are rocking peplum tops, riding boots and all the other trends you and I rock to express our style sense. I’m not one for aging children, but even I must admit that these fun-size fashions are pretty darn cute. Instagram is full of tiny trendsetters but here are 5 of their Must-Follow Mini Fashionistas. Each of these girls have established quite a fan base and are regulars on pages like @fashionkids and @dope_kids. Click through the slideshow to check them out! Continue reading

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