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BuzzFeed: This Modeling Agency Is Challenging The Industry’s Race And Body Image Issues

3 Aug


Once you’ve seen one fashion magazine, you’ve basically seen them all: tall, thin white girls wearing European designers. Lorde, Inc, a new modeling agency that specifically seeks out models of color of all shapes and sizes, is here to shake things up, though.

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VIDEO: Naomi Campbell Talks Video Vixens Calling Themselves “Models,” Her Grandfather Nelson Mandela, Being Ratchet, Twerking + More on The Breakfast Club!

6 Mar
Instagram: @iamnaomicampbell

Instagram: @iamnaomicampbell

Yesterday the world’s most famed supermodel Naomi Campbell stopped by urban morning radio show The Breakfast Club Power 105.1! I had to watch the interview two times because the first time I was in so much awe. Her face was completely flawless and she sat so poised and perfect rocking a cute, curly ‘fro and her own natural glow. Like many 80s-born, 90s-raised black girls, Naomi Campbell was one of my very first images of beauty that reflected my own and actually celebrated by global fashion and popular culture. She was cocoa brown, plump lipped and absolutely flawless. Naomi was the predecessor before Tyra Banks and much later acts to follow, like Jourdan Dunn. Before, I thought of Naomi as this untouchable souvenir housed in a glass case, sitting in the Hall of Fame of womankind’s most elite. Seeing her on Power 105.1, though, made her that much more real, perhaps because it’s such a casual, anything goes kind of station. After listening a second time, I was able to pull a few quotes. You may be surprised to find out that while ever so graceful, the supermodel and The Face producer is also really sweet, down to earth and funny! Continue reading

Meet Sui He, H&M’s “New Icon” & 1st Asian Model to Open for Ralph Lauren Runway!

5 Mar

photoYesterday I was on H&M browsing for a basic black bikini when I saw that this stunning beauty was one of “The New Icons.” According to H&M’s blurb, Sui He is from Wenzhou, a city six hours outside of Beijing. In 2011 she made her way onto international catwalks and became the first ever Asian model to open for a Ralph Lauren show. Breaking barriers seems to be Sui’s thing, as she’s also the second East Asian model to strut in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and the first Asian face for beauty brand Shiseido, which is a little ironic since Shiseido is an Asian brand. Sui has graced the cover of quite a few powerhouse glossies, including Vogue China and Haper’s Bazaar Hong Kong.

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There’s “Perfection,” which is a Load of Bull Poop… And then There’s Perfection, which is You!

20 Nov
My favorite selfies are those when I first wake up with no makeup. MY perfection at its best!

My favorite selfies are those when I first wake up with no makeup. MY perfection at its best!

Hey there, you Perfect one!

I hear the words “perfect” and “imperfect” a lot in this industry, but in the back of my head I always question, “What’s ‘perfect’ and ‘imperfect’ though and who determines that?” So far, “perfect” by mainstream standards is a bit rigid and repetitious if you ask me. It’s usually no larger than a size 6; not too dark or too pale (unless it’s like a porcelain pale); straight, stark white teeth; just enough curve without being too voluptuous; and overall, it’s really safe–nothing too far from ordinary. It aligns with dominant society’s “pretty” template. I’ve been in meetings with editors discussing celebrities for different beauty stories and I’ve heard them say, “Ummm, she’d look so much better if she got a nose job.” and “I don’t know about her. Her complexion is a little too ‘intense.'” I’ve always wanted to blurt out, “But who are you and who made you the authority on beauty?” followed by other expressions unfit for the professional setting. But because I wasn’t in a position to shout obscenities without having to pay severe consequences, I had to exercise a little wisdom and creatively find other ways to stand up for beauty’s vastness. Continue reading

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