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BuzzFeed: 29 Photos That Will Make You Want To Make Babies

30 Jul

natural 1

Hey guys!

So after spending a week with my bite-sized terrors, also known as nieces and nephews, I thought I was completely over kids. But then this happened!

Check out the little natural cutie up top, plus more photos of some of the most adorable tiny humans ev-er!
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My Curls are POP-PIN and This Is What I Used

9 Jul

Processed with Rookie

Hey Pretties!

First, keep up with all my stuff on BuzzFeed! Here is the direct link to my page with everything that I post. My content has a black hair and multicultural beauty focus.

Onto today though, I tried Camille Rose Naturals in my hair last night and it may just be my new obsession. Continue reading

BuzzFeed: 21 Black Girls With That ‘Good’ Hair

30 Jun

summyr screen shot

Hello all!

If you’re a black girl, at some point in your life you’ve heard  the term “good hair” used in our community to describe hair that is long, sleek, or with a loose curl pattern. Today’s post on BuzzFeed, however, looks at “good” hair in a different light, celebrating all textures, lengths and styles.
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BuzzFeed: 15 Things Every Black Girl With Long Hair Is Tired Of Hearing

22 Jun

Mariah thumb copy

Happy Monday!

After reflecting on the most annoying comments I’ve heard regarding my hair (when it was relaxed and now that it’s natural), I thought others could relate. Check it out here:
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BuzzFeed: 15 Protective Styles When Cornrows Just Won’t Do

10 Jun

Hey lovies!

Here’s a great and quick read on protective style options that don’t require you to cornrow or flat twist! It’s worth a shot even if you’re not natural. Everyone’s ends need a break from time to time 🙂

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BuzzFeed: Tracee Ellis Ross Spills The Tea On Easy Selfie Curls

27 May

Hey guys!

Tracee Ellis Ross recently shared her secret for how to get selfie curls! Click the blue link within the Tweet to see how.

BuzzFeed: 15 Adorable Celeb Kids Whose Natural Hair Will Make You Jealous

21 May

Happy Thursday Loves ❤

Here’s my first post to BuzzFeed as Beauty Editor! Hope you enjoy. Just click the blue link within the tweet.

Some of these are vids and have sound so use headphones if you’re at work 🙂

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