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BuzzFeed: 21 Beauty Icons Who Aren’t Marilyn Monroe

10 Aug

beauty icons


image: Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

Hey Beauties!

Here’s a little inspiration to start off your week! Continue reading


BuzzFeed: This Modeling Agency Is Challenging The Industry’s Race And Body Image Issues

3 Aug


Once you’ve seen one fashion magazine, you’ve basically seen them all: tall, thin white girls wearing European designers. Lorde, Inc, a new modeling agency that specifically seeks out models of color of all shapes and sizes, is here to shake things up, though.

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BuzzFeed: 29 Photos That Will Make You Want To Make Babies

30 Jul

natural 1

Hey guys!

So after spending a week with my bite-sized terrors, also known as nieces and nephews, I thought I was completely over kids. But then this happened!

Check out the little natural cutie up top, plus more photos of some of the most adorable tiny humans ev-er!
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Ciara’s ‘Dance Like We’re Making Love’ Video Will Literally Make You Want To Get Naked And Dance In The Mirror

19 Jul

ciara dance video

Hey lovies!

So I just watched Ciara’s video for her single “Dance Like We’re Making Love,” and I haven’t been this excited about a music video in a long time! She starts off lying in a pool wearing this red lip that makes me want to have a bonfire for every one of my lipsticks in another color. GOR. GEOUS!
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Name It, Claim It, It’s Yours!

26 May

Processed with Rookie

Happy Tuesday ❤

Earlier this year, my friend and I went to a networking event for editorial professionals. While there, I met these two young ladies, “N” and “K,” who I initially thought were sisters but soon discovered that one was a college intern at and the other was her father’s girlfriend (#BlackDontCrack). We all instantly clicked and the four of us still keep in touch.

Fast forward to about a month later, “N” emailed me a message reading, “Not sure if this is something you would be interested in, but I saw it and thought of you.” At the bottom was a link to apply for a beauty editor position at BuzzFeed. Continue reading

‘The Essy of Happy’ Challenge

22 Apr

Happy Wednesday!
I’ve noticed that my mood and energy is extremely impacted by what I mentally consume. After reading some depressing news yesterday, it made me very sluggish and tired. I’m a happy girl at heart and a lot more productive when I feel upbeat.
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The Essence Of… ATL: Closing Thoughts I Said I Would Email but Turned Into Today’s Blog Instead!

20 Apr

The Essence Of ATL

Happy Monday ❤

You’ve probably seen via social media by now that I hosted my very first event over the weekend!!! I am so grateful to everyone who came out to support, and the turnout was way beyond my expectations. It did my heart so well and warm to see new faces and those from way back share their love with me!
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